Wow… So I made it another year. That’s something to be thankful for! I’m 36 years old now… though I feel more like 56.  Time just keeps on flying by… One minute you’re a kid.. you blink and you’re a teenager.. and the next thing you know you wake up and you’re approaching your 40’s… I tell ya, it seems like just a tiny blip. Life goes by way too fucking fast! I might not like my life, but I am still thankful to be here none the less. Here’s to hoping for a good year ahead. Cheers!

Jonathan…? You have been the voice of my therapy for 20 years now… Your words are always there to comfort me, help give me the strength to keep going, and help me to never give up. You’ve always been able to help me vent and give me a way to cope. Your music is the very reason I am still here to this day. To you and the rest of the guys in KoRn… Thank you.

This picture takes me WAY back… it’s one of the first KoRn pictures I ever saw.  This will always be a favorite of mine.

For 20 years now, KoRn has been my favorite band, my therapy, and my pillar to lean on. I would not be here today without them. They gave me a way to vent. A way to cope with all the shit in my life and helped give me the strength to keep holding on in the darkest of times. For that? KoRn will always have my eternal gratitude. I’ve been a KoRn fan for two decades and I will remain as one until the day I die. I will always and forever love this band! Thank you KoRn for always being there for me.

Today (October 11th) marks a special day for me because on this day 20 years ago KoRn released their debut studio album that many of us refer to as “Self Titled”. The very album that hooked me as a KoRn fan for life. This album changed my life and helped me through so many rough times as a kid.. I will always and forever be thankful for what KoRn has done. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years… what a mind blower when I really stop and think about it. This band has played such a massive role in my life.. I honestly can’t even imagine my life without KoRn. To the guys? Thank you for the gift you have given to us KoRn fans all around the world. I myself will always be thankful for what you guys have done. Today marks 20 years.. I hope you guys are around for another 20! In the immortal words of Jonathan Davis…? ‘ARE YOU READY!?’ I proudly say: ‘Yes! I AM!!’  :)

Pink Floyd’s new album, ‘The Endless River’ comes out November 7th 2014 and I for one am ecstatic and can’t wait!  It’s going to be bitter sweet in a way… on one hand we have a brand new Pink Floyd album to look forward to, but on the other hand… It will be their last album together as a band.  So while I am looking forward to this release, it signals the end of an era… Pink Floyd is one of a kind.. their music is timeless… there is no other band on this planet like them.  They have a unique and wonderfully soothing sound.  Their music will stand the test of time and truly live on forever! 

This is my favorite lineup of Pink Floyd.  When it was just these three wonderfully talented musicians.  No offence to Syd or Roger of course, I just loved the David Gilmour era of Pink Floyd the most.  :)

A lot of old school Pink Floyd fans might find what I am about to say rather blasphemous… but THIS is and always will be my favorite lineup of Pink Floyd.  While I fully respect Syd and Roger… My favorite era of Pink Floyd was the David Gilmour fronted Pink Floyd when it was just these three amazing musicians.  To me this was when Pink Floyd was at their peak.

The one and only… David Gilmour.  :)

David Gilmour… My all time favorite musician doing what he does best! His voice is damn near angelic. Definitely no one else out there like him. If it was possible, I would happily listen to his music for the rest of eternity.