This is me on a daily basis anymore…

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Picture says it all… Hi. :)

Recently announced on Breaking Benjamin’s Facebook page… they have new music coming soon!  Breaking Benjamin is back!!! Might be an entirely new band lineup, but I don’t give a shit.. Benjamin Burnley is still the frontman, and he was always the soul of the band anyway. I for one am PUMPED to hear the new stuff. These guys have been one of my favorite bands for many years now. This teaser clip sounds fucking epic so I am amped! \m/

Happy Birthday, Dimebag! You may be gone, but you are NEVER forgotten!

Being that I love trees, I couldn’t help but reblog this!  It’s a baby Groot!  Awwww!  lol.

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What I wouldn’t give to be the person in this picture… to see that kind of beauty in person… God, I crave nature so bad… kills me on the inside a little more each day that I don’t get to be around it at all… :(

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Wow… this is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen… turns out that we humans aren’t so different from animals after all.

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One of my favorite actors passed away yesterday, so I made this as my way of saying goodbye. I may not have known him personally but his work has instilled memories within me that I will never forget. Movies that I grew up watching, both funny and meaningful… I will always be thankful for the gift he gave us all. I think what saddens me the most is that he lost the battle to depression.. and that affects me on a personal level because I have suffered with depression all my life… I know the struggle first hand and it’s something I deal with everyday.. so to know he lost that battle really upsets me. That’s why his passing has really given me a heavy heart… I would just like to say that to the world we have lost a legendary actor and comedian.. but to his family and friends, they lost a loved one… They have my condolences… My thoughts go out to them. Thank you Robin for all the memories and laughs you gave me and everyone else in the world, you will be missed…

Thank you for the years of memories and laughter… Your movies were one of a kind.. as were you… RIP Robin… You will forever be missed…

RIP Robin Williams… you are sorely missed… Thank you for the memories…

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