Hello Autumn!! My favorite season! I’m so glad you’re here. Today marks the first day of Autumn.. My absolute favorite time of the year.

I made this picture last year around this time, and I believe I even posted it last year as well, but Autumn is rapidly approaching so I must post it again! :)   My favorite time of year is almost here!!  WOOHOO!! Autumn rules!  

HAHA!!  Fuck yeah!  I completely agree!!  Bring on Autumn!! I have always hated Summer…  This picture truly says it all!

My favorite season is coming!  I can’t wait for Autumn!   :)

Wow… hard to believe I have had my page here for 2 years as of today. Pretty cool.  Thank you Tumblr for being cool.  This will always be my favorite place to be online.  :)

This is me on a daily basis anymore…

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Picture says it all… Hi. :)

Recently announced on Breaking Benjamin’s Facebook page… they have new music coming soon!  Breaking Benjamin is back!!! Might be an entirely new band lineup, but I don’t give a shit.. Benjamin Burnley is still the frontman, and he was always the soul of the band anyway. I for one am PUMPED to hear the new stuff. These guys have been one of my favorite bands for many years now. This teaser clip sounds fucking epic so I am amped! \m/


Happy Birthday, Dimebag! You may be gone, but you are NEVER forgotten!

Being that I love trees, I couldn’t help but reblog this!  It’s a baby Groot!  Awwww!  lol.

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