This is the Ibanez Komrad20.  The 20th anniversary limited edition signature model guitar that Brian Head Welch plays in KoRn.  What I wouldn’t do to own this beautiful axe!  Head is one of my favorite guitar players and it would be an honor to own this.. but sadly, I don’t make that kind of money so it’s just one of those dreams I have that will never happen.  At least I can drool over it, right?  Heh… Anyway.. this guitar is awesome!

One of my all time favorite musicians.  Brian is the man!

My favorite member of KoRn.  I love this man and everything he does.

Love and Death rules!   Between Here & Lost is so fucking epic!

I just want to take the time out to wish Richard Wright a Happy Birthday today! Though he is no longer with us, he is NEVER forgotten! His skill and talent is still a huge part of my everyday life and I am forever thankful to his contribution to the music world. He has made some of the most wonderful music that is both profound and everlasting… Today, I celebrate him.

Hands down my all time favorite musician is none other than David Gilmour. This man has a voice like an angel and the most amazing guitar playing skills. The combination of his voice and guitar skill is simply bliss in musical form! If I could listen to only one thing for the rest of eternity? It would be his voice. Be it from his solo career or his many years in Pink Floyd. REAL music is just a rare thing now days… There will never be another Pink Floyd… they are one of a kind. I may be a metal head and love bands like KoRn and Metallica (two of my most favorite bands) but as I have gotten older? I have come to depend on blissful type music.. the kind of music that calms not just my mind but my soul as well. David Gilmour always does the trick. His music has become a part of my daily and nightly routine. It’s one of the few things that keeps me sane anymore. He will always have my gratitude and respect! Long live David Gilmour!

One of my favorite scenes in SLC Punk is when Stevo was doing is posers speech.  He sums it up perfectly… No matter WHAT kind of music you listen to.. no matter what genre or style… WHO GIVES A FUCK who started it, or who’s better or louder or whatever else.. it’s music!!  No matter what you listen to, it’s music.  Just love what you love and to hell with the rest.

True story!

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I’m bored of being bored because being bored is boring!

Sitting alone in my chair as always, Listening to Pink Floyd to take me away from the mental insanity of my everyday repetitive existence, Playing World of Warcraft to give me something to numb my brain so I don’t go completely insane, And lastly… Sipping on some coffee, one of the few pleasures I still have in life… Maybe this IS as good as it gets for me…